The Contest Standings

Congratulations to Red Grant for Top New Affiliate and Alec Trevelyan for Top Incremental Affiliate!

Final standings as of July 15th, 2013

Top New

  1. Red Grant(From Russia with Love)
  2. John Strangways(Dr. No)
  3. Auric Goldfinger Goldfinger)
  4. Ernst Stavro Blofeld
    (From Russia with Love)
  5. Nick Nack(The Man With The Golden Gun)
  6. Le Chiffre(Casino Royale)
  7. General Anatol Gogol(The Spy Who Loved Me)
  8. Osato(You Only Live Twice)
  9. Mr. Kidd(Diamonds Are Forever)
  10. Dr. Kananga(Live and Let Die)
  11. Elliot Carver(Tomorrow Never Dies)
  12. Vargas(Thunderball)
  13. Gustav Graves(Die Another Day)
  14. Professor Dent(Dr. No)
  15. Kamal Khan(Octopussy)
  16. Sir Hugo Drax(Moonraker)
  17. Mayday(A View to a Kill)
  18. Emilio Largo(Thunderball)
  19. Vesper Lynd(Casino Royale)
  20. Franz Sanchez(Licence to Kill)

Top Incremental
Increase Affiliate

  1. Alec Trevelyan(GoldenEye)
  2. Dr. Julius No(Dr. No)
  3. Renard(The World Is Not Enough)
  4. Baron Samedi(Live and Let Die)
  5. General Orlov(Octopussy)
  6. Elektra King(The World Is Not Enough)
  7. Raoul Silva(Skyfall)
  8. Oddjob(Goldfinger)
  9. Brad Whitaker(The Living Daylights)
  10. Dominic Greene(Quantum of Solace)
  11. Q(Dr. No)
  12. Quarrel(Live and Let Die)
  13. General Chang(Tomorrow Never Dies)
  14. Marc-Ange Draco
    (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
  15. Max Zorin(A View to a Kill)
  16. Colonel Moon(Die Another Day)
  17. John Strangeways(Dr. No)
  18. Dmitri Mishkin(Goldeneye)
  19. Sherriff J.W. Pepper(The Man With The Golden Gun)
  20. Francisco Scaramanga
    (The Man with the Golden Gun)