Live Dangerously 4 – Speedboat Royale winners navigate the waters in boats, wearing jetpacks, and in a helicopter. Bienvenido a Miami.

Our three winners were flown to Miami Beach for three days and nights of aquatic adventures in the Live Dangerously 4 – Speedboat Royale contest. The grand prize event involved each of the winners carving up the coastal waters in high-performance speedboats while zipping from Miami Beach to Key Largo/Islamorada. When not approaching the sound barrier, our champions received an aerial tour of Miami via helicopter, flyboarding, and eating and drinking at Miami’s finest restaurants, lounges, and bars. When the time came for rest and relaxation, ocean suites at Loews Resort Miami Beach were the perfect complement to an otherwise exhilarating trip.

Here’s what our winners had to say.

“Had such an amazing time at RevenueWire’s Live Dangerously. How often do you get to race cigarette boats, fly in a helicopter, and jetpack in less than 48 hours? An experience I’ll never forget!”
~ Devin

"As a top blogger I've had the opportunity to win a lot of contests and prizes from big name companies, but nothing compares to the experience I had with RevenueWire's Live Dangerously contest. Every day was action packed and I had the time of my life. Definitely one of my best experiences ever!"
~ Zac Johnson

"What was Live Dangerously 4 like? It was a non stop adrenaline filled adventure in Miami! Being in the driver's seat of a professional race boat going over 100MPH in the rain, controlling a water jet pack in front of Ben Affleck's house, flying over $65 Million Dollar homes in Miami on a helicopter at night time and hanging out with fellow affiliate marketers - how could it get any better?"
~ Eric